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Magic Jack - magic *** for buying magc jack

  • by   Jan 02, 2010
  • Review #: 166379
Company Magic Jack
Location Kearneysville, West Virginia
Category Home Phone
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If its furry.It barks and it peas on the floor than its probably a doggy.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

I you try to get a refund and cant ,you are probably in the U.S., the country that claims they protect their consumer.WRONG I just ate 39.95 on a magic ripoff.I wonder how they decide how much to rip us off for?Maybe they bought a ripoff meter, it didnt work, it cost them 39.95 so thats the price they used.Signedjustce will prevail.Gunpowder always got things solved. 3050927

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Jan 08, 2010 
Surely...pun..you must not know much about computers. I am a network and computer system admin...you sound like this one lady here who "needs a new printer..it messed up my computer" LOL. The problem is always acutally between the keyboard and the chair.
Reply to Magic Dax

Jan 05, 2010 
magic jack is a smart investment. learning to solve issues was the challenge. first clear out cookies and temp files every now and again. whenever i have problems with magic jack i go into the magicjack website and upgrade the magicjack. works for me. a GREAT investment.
Reply to robert in pa.

Jan 05, 2010 
Reply to willi9995@yahoo.com

Jan 04, 2010 
Ive been saying yea right, its good! These guys are However it was for the first year, it was. Then I try to buy 5 years worth of service and the transaction gives me an error. so i try Live help. Guess what its a BOT.

I was so happy with it and was on my way to buy another one for wife. Scared now, lol, especial since you cant remove your credit card info from your magicjack profile. Also Ive never had such crapy tech support (shouldnt even be called that) trying to give them money, lol. Its not like i wanted a refund, I was giving then 70$.

Heres My Log:

Jed: One moment please...

Jed: Thank you for your patience. I will transfer you to a higher level of support. Please hold while I transfer you.

Majic: so ur not a person ?

Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited site operator.

You are now chatting with 'Mandy'

Your Issue ID for this chat is ************

Majic: Hi i tried to buy 5 years service and got this:Processing Request This could take a couple of minutes addcreditcard: FAILED FORMAT ERROR (oracle_magicjack:live)

Mandy: Hello Majic. My name is Mandy. To better assist you, let me put you on hold while I read your previous chat. Thank you.

Majic: k

Mandy: Thank you for waiting.

Majic: ye

Majic: so ?

Mandy: Are you still
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Reply to Jamey

Jan 04, 2010 
I have owned a magic jack for well over a year, no account robbing, no computer crashes caused by it, countless long distance calls made from it, and still no phone bill. Are you buying Magic Jack or something that is "like" a magic jack?
Reply to Jeff R

Jan 02, 2010 
I know how pissed off you are.if you check this web site further, you will see alot more complaints. I bought one from walmart and blowed my 40.00, it lasted two months,messed up my computer. it tryed to rob my bank account,and I had to change my account number , then it quit like magic. thay want more money if thay provide tec. support. to make it work again.
Reply to shirley

Jan 02, 2010 
You sound like a post-modern wannabe. Explain your actual problem and maybe you can get some help. Personally, I'm betting you're just too helpless to do it on your own.
Reply to I'm sorry, WHAT are you even s

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