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Magic Jack SUCKS

  • by   Jan 05, 2012
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Company Magic Jack
Product / Service Magic Jack
Location Oshawa, Ontario
Category Equipment Gadgets - Wi-Fi, USB, Electronics
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Monetary Loss

For Christmas I got a magic jack, which my parents have been using for years.AWESOME...so I think...So I plug it in and proceed to install.

I went out and purchased a 50 dollar visa gift card since I dont believe in credit cards and always pay cash. However I went through all the steps and it kept telling me to use another card...So I go and get a 'live" agent...Roland wastes an hour of my time and basically he just kept asking me the same question, what was my issue...After telling him numerous times he transfers me to another agent...Jamie, well after spending 2 and a hours with them on live chat I am told that basically she cant help me out that I am to use another credit card, so I told her I ONLY HAVE THE ONE PREPAID CARD...She at that time asks me if I want to be transfered to someone who can remotly connect to my computer and help with the issue, I said so they can make this thing take my credit card? She says no so I asked well then whats the point, can you not take my payment manually?

No she says, so I ask so you just wasted 2 and 1/2 hours of my time?DONT GET A MAGIC JACK THE CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS BAD 30b446f

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Jan 15, 2012 
You probably need to go to the prepaid credit card website and put in your zip code for the credit card to work. If you read the fine print it says that...

I agree it sucks they put you through that, but the problem is with you, not them.
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Jan 06, 2012 
Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad experience, cant get it to work. class action suit, please lets get togeather an fixx this problem, an unhappy 73 year old.

gotimes39@yahoo.com :cry :? :? :( :x :sigh
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Jan 05, 2012 
thats really to bad. that's how we as a people opperate now. that "credit card"you purchased probably won't work anywhere but where you bought it!!! as far as the customer service department at magic jack, they can't *** out some service from a card that only exists where you bought it. aka that green dot card is probably as useles as the one i ought because i believe in the old cash payment theory. which doesn't carry any clout with the "credit card" beast. ask the bible
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