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Magic Jack - magicjack complaint

Company Magic Jack
Product / Service Magicjack
Location Ellisville, Mississippi
Category Equipment Gadgets - Wi-Fi, USB, Electronics
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This complaint is about all the people who complain about magicjack.I have to admit the chat service is lousy.

I am having trouble dialing certain phone numbers also. I have had my magicjack since 2008 and this is my first time having to chat or having a problem with it.

My thing is, how can you complain about a product that has given me unlimited long distance and all the features for almost 4 years for a lousy 19.95 a year!!
GIVE ME A BREAK PEOPLE!!!!I think I can afford to buy a new one with all the cash I've saved!! 30b3574

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Mar 03, 2012 
Tried to buy International Minutes for over 6 months. Account blocked. Always on chat - have been promised to have my account given top priority for attention - no resolution yet. Customer service reps read off scripts. If you complain that their scripts are not relevant to your computer, they ignore you and continue to read off the scripts. No technical expertise.
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Jan 28, 2012 
My problem is not with the usage, but with the service. Get friendly service and only empty chitchat with promises and nothing gets resolved. Working on it for 7 weeks!!!
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Oct 23, 2011 
you break it you bought it
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Oct 11, 2011 
my USB plug came out and they want me to pay $24.05 for a replacement. I have not had this service for a year yet, and the device has came apart. Instead of telling me to send it back, I was told to send money. I like this service but if something go wrong with your device before you get a chance to enjoy it they could at least meet me halfway. They said that it will cost $10. plus over $12.00 for shiping and handling plus tax. Yet if you order a MagicJack Plus SH is seven($7) something. I dont get it. All I want them to do is meet me half way or I will cancel their service.
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Oct 09, 2011 
Just because MagicJack is "cheap" that doesn't mean that quality should have to be sacrificed.
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