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Magic Jack - MagicJack limits length of calls!

Company Magic Jack
Product / Service Phone Service
Location Summerville, South Carolina
Category Home Phone
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MagicJack states unlimited calls BUT they do not tell you that they limit the number of minutes per call, it was 120 minutes(2 hours) now it is at 90 minutes!I have to dial into a conference call for work that last for 8 hours and it is a pain to redial in every 90 minutes.

I contacted their online customer service who had me open ports on my firewall for ports 5060 and 5070, not sure what they were thinking, but of course it did not help.

If you don't have to make long calls then MagicJack maybe for you but it is a pain for me. 3030449

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Mar 02 
People it is not about the cheap service cost. It is about honesty! None the less there is a fee to use this service! The premise of what they offer is fantastic but the programming and delivery is awful at best! Shame on you Magicjack! I could not care less if they charged 5 dollars a year!!! Put out a product that delivers on what you promise. There is a statement in their terms that states something to the effect of resetting after 90 mins. It is not clear to the average person, that your call will be terminated in essence. Okay, I get it but then why the circuits busy!!!! TOTAL BS!!! UNSATISFACTORY, GOODBYE MAGICJACK!! I have been on very important calls and can't describe the level of frustration when cut from a very important call! :( These tactics are acceptable on a calling system that's FREE, MJ is clearly not free!
Lets get into some other garbage they put out:
- I can never see my call waiting numbers as they come in (no they do not have a way, at this time, to disable the call waiting!!) Who in their right mind would want this "feature" if I can't see who is calling in! nonsense!
- I can't press numbers to progress fwd in the call menu's (ie. credit card companies, entering acct. #'s, press one for English, haha, etc.)
- I can't choose to block my calls when dialing to numbers I would rather not release my number to!!
Magicjack you have reached the ULTIMATE epic fail in my book!!!
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Feb 24  from Atwater, California
If magicJack, LP and/or magicJack VocalTec Ltd., and/or YMax Communications Corporation sees excessive use, including but not limited to, a customer whose usage is twenty (20) times more than the average magicJack and/or magicJack Plus device or magicJack APP customer usage, or a customer who calls more than 50 different telephone numbers per day, or a customer who forwards calls from their magicJack and/or magicJack PLUS device and/or magicJack APP to a non-magicJack number for longer than a two week consecutive period, or systematic or intentional misuse, it reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to terminate your use of the magicJack and/or magicJack Plus device and/or Software and/or magicJack APP immediately, and you will not be entitled to get a refund of any licensing fee or any other fee you may have paid to us. We reserve the right to reclaim any telephone number that does not make a call for a consecutive 90 days. In the event that we reclaim a phone number and your software license is still active, you may choose another phone number. :zzz
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Dec 14, 2013 
If you now have the new MagicJack that plugs directly into your router, it will be limited to just 30 mins per day!
Reply to Steve

Feb 24  from Atwater, California
MJ just told me its unlimited, no limits., except what I posted earlier
Reply to smartipants

Dec 11, 2013 
Same here 90 minutes and it hangs up, then all circuits busy for the next 15 minutes to ALL CALLS. :? :cry
Reply to Andrew

Jul 12, 2013  from Enfield, Connecticut
If your work has an 8 hour conference call, they need to get a better idea of how to run a business. While this is probably a seminar, for those calls perhaps you can find a better method. You would not be able to sit in your lounging clothes, but se la vie.
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Jul 10, 2013  from Boise, Idaho
Really, for a buck a month people are complaining?

Well then throw it away and pay $30 a month with anyone else.
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Dec 09, 2012  from Cincinnati, Ohio
I have had the mj for alittle over 2 years now , and it has worked just fine with no problems ...just cant stand the 90 minute calls ...they really should have to change something in the way the advertise the majic jack ...even the call center is not even the mj company it is some forien a$$ company who has no idea besides what they read off of the paper infront of them ...so good luck with dealing with them lol
Reply to Cincy Guy

Aug 03, 2012 
update - response to NNSD - your solution did not work for me; I did call another number, then tried to call back the original number (that I had been disconnected from after 90 minutes). I still got the "all circuits are busy" message, which in itself is exceptionally rude and misleading - Magic Jack trying to deter blame from themselves! When they could simply have a message that said "you have reached the time limit for calling this number for today".
Also, after arguing with MJ customer service for awhile - they are actually correct when they say calls are "free" but not "unlimited", like I mentioned in my post below, the fact that they are limited is very well hidden, and the time limit of 90 minutes is not disclosed at all.
Reply to Steve C

Aug 03, 2012 
Vicki, DS (people who think the cut off is OK) the point isn't that you're cut off after 90 minutes - it's that there is NO WARNING. Even pay phones in the 70s said "please deposit 10 cents to continue talking", and if you didn't have it, you had time to say "sorry, about to be cut off, will talk later". Really, if they could program that in in 1975, how hard could it be on today's computers?

I was cut off in the middle of an important business call and COULDN'T CALL BACK. I argued with MJ customer service for awhile, but they DID show me where it says in the terms of service that calls may be cut off any time they feel they're too long (currently section 3b). But the fact that it's hidden, and the fact that they can't clearly simply state "90 minutes" is EXCEPTIONALLY rude. But they know that explaining clearly that calls are limited, and what the time limit IS, would deter customers, so they hide the information. The fact it's HIDDEN is the issue - much more so than the fact that there IS a time limit.
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May 13, 2012 
I just discovered that 90 minute cut-off, because I had called my mother for Mother's Day. At the 90 minute mark, the call cut off, and I could not call back. This is certainly false advertising. It scares me that people are posting here that a call that's been cut off can result in that number being permanently limited to even 15 minutes.
Reply to Drew

May 12, 2012 
I've had Magicjack for about four months now, and while most calls are allowed to continue for up to 90 minutes, they have started systematically puting the numbers I call most on a 15 minute restriction. Naturally, these numbers are family and close friends.
I don't exceed 20 calls a day and sometimes go for days without using the phone, but I have had some 90 minute conversations that were cut off.
However, the 15 minute restricted number are not limited to calls that have gone that long; some of the numbers have never had a conversation over an hour.
It seems that once a particular number is restricted to 15 minutes, it is PERMANENTLY restricted, while all other numbers remain open (to 90 minute calls.)

I suggest that potential customers BEWARE since the numbers most likely to be restricted will be those that you call the most. I realize that the service is ridiculously inexpensive, but 15 minute restrictions to mom are not cool, considering that I don't make long calls that often.
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Apr 16, 2012 
"Unlimited" means "no limits" -- MJ is full of ***!

I was in the middle of a tech support call and *bam* it cut off at a critical moment. I couldn't dial back in without restarting the unit. Had I KNOWN it cut out after 90 minutes, I would have dialed from a landline or cell phone.

It is not right that they don't make this public knowledge, on the front page of their site and make it prominent on the signup/ordering page and bold letters on their packaging.
Reply to PO'd in the Panhandle

Apr 11, 2012 
Jocel: Usually the calls are disconnected after 90 minutes.

michele: well mine don't make 20

Jocel: I see. Are you using the USB extension cord this time?

michele: and on your site, it says unlimited....nothing about time limits...so..how do we fix this without getting the attorney general involved, as i fortuntatly work for the state of ct government

michele: yes, the one that came with it.

Jocel: We do offer free calls but it does not say unlimited.

michele: so you just cut people off at 90 minutes? and then make them just call back...seems a little silly, why???

michele: at any rate, mine don't make 90 by far, so....can i get that fixed?
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Mar 10, 2012 
You know I talk to a friends and family sometimes over 90 minutes. Everyone is in different states and I don't talk to them except in a blue moon. So yes it is bad on MJs part to limit it. When I try to dial back it won't let me. They should be HONEST in their advertising and that is my chief complaint. For me this is a second line. I use it when I know I will have a long conversation with someone so my 1st line is freed up in case important calls need to come in or my hubby needs to make a call. Like I said I don't use MJ all that often so they are making out with me. But I expected honesty from the company about the length of the calls. Oh also a friend of mine using skype calls and she is ALWAYS getting a magic offer advertisement when calling me and can't get through. Shame on them as well for doing that with out telling its customers!
Reply to al

Jan 14, 2012 
MJ is a great product. I also noticed twice, it cuts off after 90 minutes. Just dial another number, let it connect, then disconnect and dial your original number, you will will be fine. I have absolutely no complains for
Reply to NNSD

Jan 12, 2012 
I just recently started to be cut off at the 15 minute point.

I can receive back from the same number, however - so if it is going to be a longer call I just tell them that we will be interrupted, and then answer the inbound call to continue talking.

I pay $35 per year and use mj for all my calls and faxes around North America, so no complaints from this guy!
Reply to Mike

Jan 09, 2012 
Yeah, no kidding. What do you want for $20 a year? Cutting off after 90 or 120 mins is an inconvenience, but try to find any other phone service that is as cheap.
Reply to Vicki

Oct 14, 2013 
You might like it when companies kidding you.

For cutting after 90 minutes for unlimited calls is $20 still to expensive.
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Nov 11, 2011 
:) Mine cuts off after 90minutes too. I must admit that 90 minutes on the phone is a bit rediculous anyhow. But if you exceed the 90 minutes the device cuts off your call and you will have to unplug the MJ wait a few minutes and plug it back in waiting for the unit to initialize again. Then go right on back to talking. A pain in the butt, but for the $1.66 per month I pay I deal with it! Love my MJ and would buy another one if this one ever quits. Beware Magic Jack plus they are upping the charge $10 per year to $30 from #20 for a year of service. But if you buy 5 years service during registration ONLY They will give you 5 years for $99
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