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Magic Jack - MagicJack problems

  • by   Nov 25, 2008
  • Review #: 142121
Company Magic Jack
Product / Service Magicjack
Location Syracuse, New York
Category Appliances and Electronics
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I had several issues with the magicjack; my husband and I had two seperate users, but it wouldn't work on both.Also, a lot of times when I'd pick up the phone to call out there would be no dial tone and it would not dial.

Sometimes it will dial and say it connected but then drop the call after one or two seconds. And tonight, for over an hour, I have tried to call my home phone (the one connected to the MagicJack) from my cell phone and keep getting a message stating that all circuts are busy.

In conclusion, if I cannot send or receive calls, what is the point of this device?

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Nov 23, 2013 
We have had Magic Jack for approximately 2months. All of a sudden callers are receiving a message that our phone is disconnected! When working with a tech on love chat we were suddenly disconnected....it was past 7pm est! They dropped the call and did not bother calling back. Poor customer service, lousy equipment and difficult to return!
Reply to Llalex

Sep 13, 2012 
I'm not able to transport my number. Error message is my credit card security code is invalid. Magicjack says its my internet provider but it happens with both att and centurylink. any ideas??
Reply to wildcatjane@att.net

Sep 11, 2012 
I would like to talk to some one on the telephone, I need a number I can talk to a person, I having problem with my magic jack.
Reply to Ronald brewer

Sep 06, 2012 
I am having constant problems wit MJ and I have had it for a couple of years. At firs there were no problems. There are no conversations now and I signed up for 5 years! I cannot do business!!!
I loved it and thought it was a great deal. Now, it never works well. The calls I make leaves the person the other end frustrated, yelling loudly to me and saying they can't hear me. I can hear them some of the times, at other times, I can hear them. They tell me I sound like I am under water
Reply to Nancy Lewis

May 16, 2012 
my mj worked pretty good, for a while, then not enough loudness, very low, my phone is as loud as it will go. if your computer goes off, due to power failure, then you got to set it up all over again, like this morning.big storm last night. help if you can, don;t purchase this product, they have a lots of inproving to do.
Reply to sonny@atmc.net

Mar 22, 2012 
My MJ can only receive calls, but I cannot dial out. What can be the problem?
Reply to Damaris

Jan 08, 2012 
Same problems. Worked great for a couple of times, now I cannot get it to ring (even though it has a dial tone) AND WHAT IS SO AGGRAVATING IS THAT YOU CANNOT CONTACT ANYBODY AT MAGIC JACK TO GET HELP.
Reply to Ruth

Jan 02, 2012 
Reply to Brenda Simpkins Primer

Dec 30, 2011 
I have a MAC desk top home computer with an ethernet connection and therefore use a modem. If you also use a modem, check to see if there is an empty ethernet port on the back of it before you bother buying a magic jack plus. If you can't connect the magic jack via the ethernet cord to the modem, you can't use a magic jack. I have asked which external router would work to connect both the computer and the magic jack to the internet via the modem and 2 hours with customer service, I'm still waiting. Thank God for on line solitaire or I'd go nuts waiting
Reply to JP

Dec 23, 2011 
I purchased 800 international minutes on MJ & have only used 200 at most. Last night I made a call & rrecording said I have 29 minutes left!!! Where are my 600 minutes??? No one to call. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS DEVICE!!!! BIG RIPOFF!!!!!
Reply to JK

Oct 12, 2011 
Ican not call any body on my magic jack . i bought it on 5/16/11 so it should be still good Please tell me how i can resolve this problem Jeannette Martin
Reply to jvmarting@att.net Jean

Oct 05, 2011 
:( I work from home. I am on the phone for 8 hours a day. This thing worked great for a couple of weeks. I purchased a new computer (top of the line) and now it won't work. I cut in and out, can't talk to my customers. I have purchased expensive cords and tried everything. I purchased the jack and 5 years of service...and now have NO WAY to contact customer service. :cry I am really ticked!!!!!
Reply to Sue

Jun 30, 2011 
My magicjack worked sorta fine for a while but then I plugged in another telephone into a jack & now the phone only rings a half a ring & disconnects. Any help with that. I have talked to their chat but they don't know what to do. I have no one in my area who knows anything about mj. The person who hooked it up for me has moved away. He did some rewiring but don't know what.
Please help
Reply to Pat at pattypoo40@hotmail

May 07, 2011 
We are extremely upset with Magic Jack. Since we re-uped we have no dial tone or are cut off within two seconds and loose our calls after a few minutes calling or we can't even get a dial tone even though the phone connected to it is working. Don't waste your money with this device as you will pay the money out in medication after you get so agrivated.
Reply to tom king

Mar 07, 2011 
I purchased internationial minutes and cannot make international calls. They have submitted the problem to engineering and have no resolution date. Skype works great. Magic Jack sells and cannot deliver. Good luck with the chat tech support also. Ive asked for my money back and have to wait.
Reply to Caroline

Feb 25, 2011 
My MJ doesn't work either..It worked twice but now
I have no dial tone and can not call out!
Reply to BL

Feb 20, 2011 
I have had this MJ for about a week and my mom gets a busy signal when she tries to call me from her landline 1150 miles away.if she call from her cell phone it rings one time and goes to a busy signal. the techs from magicjack I don't think knows whats wrong, they told me to turn off my anti virus as I AM NOT doing that as that should not have anything to do with the problem.
Reply to ken

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