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Magic Jack - you premium customer service disconnect live chat when they are unable to help

  • by   Jan 07, 2011
  • Review #: 215218
Company Magic Jack
Product / Service Subscription Cancellation
Location Seattle, Washington
Category Home Phone
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On 8-21-2010 I purchest your MJ,model PK5000Z,serial # S100Y20015930 and 5 year service for a total of $122.46.I hereby CANCELL my subscription and DEMAND that you return $122.46 asap., since I have been unable to use your MJ and your premium tech supporters have unable or unwilling to help me making your MJ operational for me.I have talked to 9 of your tech support people including,Journey,Maya,Bridgette on 9-1-10,Riona, Ezekiel on 9-3-10,Mary Kate,Jan and two others on 1-1-11.

I am disgusted that you people are unwilling or unable to answer the simplest questions and simply disconnect live chat without a chance to reply before they disconnect.

I am waiting for your equipment return information and my refund of $122,46.
By the way, don't you think that it is a little *** to REQUIRE A MINIMUM OF 100 WORDS and check to agree with your terms of service?It's a good way to invite liable suits. 304a081

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May 25, 2011 
I need urgently the the long-distance carrier phone number ,
because every time I try to buy Internantiona air-time I get messagy that I have too many active credit cards
I usually buy Gift-cards every time I need to buy Intll. minutes air time
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May 04, 2011 
better no to but this device .Simply no works !!!!
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Jan 11, 2011 
You do know this is not a magic jack website right? You are not talking to magic jack representatives here...LOL Makes me wonder if it's the product or the user...
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